Is ceramic safe to smoke out of?

Yes! Quite. High quality ceramic is very similar to glass in that it gives off a "pure" smoke and does not bleed harmful and nasty tasting vapors under high heat, unlike many available metal options. Ceramic glaze is actually a liquid made up of tiny beads of glass and is applied to the clay and then melted to a gloss when fired in the kiln. Therefore, smoking from our ceramics is very similar to smoking from glass.

We use only high quality, lead-free and food-safe materials in our products. 

However, please be aware that inhaling the combusted smoke of any material can be carcinogenic. 

It can handle a hot flame?

We are currently making all of our products with a cone 5 body. This material does fine under a regular lighter or match flame, but it could risk breaking under the heat of a butane torch. 

Why should I choose to smoke from a bong?

Smoking through a waterpipe is one of the healthiest ways to consume combusted smoke. Think about the tar buildup that is visible right at the mouth of your pipe or cigarette. The percolating water process in a bong acts as a filter and barrier for a lot of the harmful substances carried in combusted smoke. Additionally, the pulling of smoke through the long tube of a bong allows the smoke to cool and be smoother than otherwise, especially if there's ice involved.

How should I clean this thing?

We recommend emptying the water from your bong after every session and do not leave it sitting stagnant. This will help to prevent algae and other crusty buildup. 

Soot and resin buildup comes with the territory, but we highly recommend a product called Formula 420, which is available on amazon and at most smoke shops. It works wonders on dissolving soots and resins, and it is biodegradable, earth friendly, and non-toxic.. 

Can I put Ice in this?

Yup. There may not be a fancy ice catcher in the tube, but you don't really need that anyways, just pack the thing with ice and water. Also, ceramic is a wonderful natural insulator, so it should keep things nice and cool.

Can I use a glass bowl/perc/rig on your bongs?

Yeah! We specifically designed our internal down tube and silicone grommet so that you can easily use any standard 18-19mm male accessory.
It just wont look as cool..

Do you ship to ________?

Please review our shipping information on our policies page.

Some states and countries have strict laws against the import of tobacco products.

You the buyer are responsible for researching shipping and customs policies for tobacco products in your area.

In the US, states such as AL, AR, GA, ID, IN, IA, KS, KY, MD, MS, MO, NE, NC, ND, OH, OK, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, and UT are known to have specific laws on the import or possession of "drug paraphernalia". Our products are intended for tobacco use only, but If you live in one of these states and are ordering our products, PLEASE investigate your state laws thoroughly. 

Orders returned to us by customs are subject to a 15% restocking fee. 

I like what you do, who's behind it?

Thanks! My name is Liam and I'm an Artist, Filmmaker, and Designer in San Francisco, California.

I was inspired to create smoking devices for the aesthetic connoisseur; a bong that you didn't need to hide when you had company over.

I created Summerland in 2011 with a simple ceramic apple pipe, now dubbed the "Fruit Fantasy".

Are y'all based out of Summerland, California?

No, but we've been and man it's nice there. We are currently based out of San Francisco. The name "Summerland" is inspired by the euphoric state of mind related to the use of our products.

I am a retail store/online shop. Can I carry your products?

We would be so stoked, Please email and let's talk wholesale. 

Have some other kind of question? Go ahead and contact us at